Many people today are choosing to downsize from their current property to a smaller home. This is often to save money on utility bills or to release equity from a large property to use the money for retirement. Many senior citizens are currently considering or planning to move home for these reasons and with our downsizing service we aim to help lighten the load when you move and make the transition into your new home as stress-free as possible.

If you are considering downsizing from your home in the South Yorkshire area including Rotherham, Doncaster, BarnsleySheffield & Worksop we have a number of services that can help that we have mentioned in our guide to assist with senior moves.

Take Stock

There are many changes to prepare for when you plan downsizing or a senior move. If you are moving to a new town or city it’s a good idea to become familiar with the local area. Find out where your local shops, amenities and also doctors practice are located.

As well as making plans and provisions for your new home it’s also important to take stock of all your possessions and belongings. Many of us can amass a large amount of household items, furniture, clothes and other belongings over our lifetimes and it’s often difficult to dispose of these items.

If you have items that you no longer want we can remove and dispose of them for you. Many items we can recycle or donate to local charity shops such as old furniture and electrical appliances. If you have valuable items such as paintings, vintage clothing or collectible pottery we can also offer valuations and make an offer or arrange to find a buyer for you.

Putting Your House on the Market

Once you have chosen a new property to move into it’s a good idea to ease yourself into the process of preparing your current house to put on the market. When people are viewing your home they will ideally want to see it as a blank canvas so that they can picture how the property will look when they move in.

If after going through your possessions you have decided to keep the majority of your items it may be worthwhile considering arranging some short-term storage. This could be at a storage facility or at a friend or family member’s house so that your house is relatively empty and open for prospective viewers. Alternatively, if you have a lot of items you are no longer attached to you may want to consider our House Clearance services.

Before arranging a viewing it’s also a good idea to make your garden as clear and presentable as possible. Your garden doesn’t have to be perfect but it’s a good idea to cut all your lawns and remove any weeds. If you have unwanted items or clutter in your garden we can also remove and dispose of these with our Garden Clearance service.

Preparing for Senior Moves

When you are ready to move into your new home make the move easier for yourself by having all your items organised and pre-packed in boxes. We recommend sorting all your belongings by room and clearly marking each box to make it easier when you arrive. As you will be moving to a smaller property try to be as selective when packing as possible to avoid taking up all your available space as soon as you move in.

If you move to a new property within the South Yorkshire area we can still provide our services and assist with clearing and disposing of unwanted items. If you require a house clearance or garden clearance we also include a complimentary Waste Disposal service included in our clearance packages.

If you have any other specialist requirements or need further assistance when planning and carrying out senior moves please Contact a member of our team. We will endeavour to help as much as possible and provide recommendations for any services you may require during downsizing we cannot assist with.

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