Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a harmful substance that can cause long-term health damage to anyone that is exposed to it. We provide an asbestos removal service for small structures such as sheds, garages and some roofs where asbestos cement is present.

Uses of Asbestos in the Building Trade

Up until the 1970s asbestos was used for a number of purposes in building and construction work. Once the long-term health effects were discovered asbestos use ground to a halt but there are still a number of properties that can contain amounts or traces of asbestos, some of which are more harmful than others.

Depending on which type of asbestos was used in the construction of a property and the extent to which it was used gives an indication of the severity of the problem. However, it is advised that even relatively safe traces of asbestos contained within other materials such as cement should be removed in case the cement starts to deteriorate and break down, potentially releasing harmful asbestos fibres.

Identifying Asbestos Cement

If you are unsure if there are traces of asbestos cement in a property you own there are some observations and quick checks you can make. However, make sure to exercise caution at all times and if you are unsure or not entirely certain contact us to advise how best to proceed. Roofs containing asbestos are quite recognisable and easy to spot.

Many older style corrugated roofs that are found on garages, sheds and other outhouses contain asbestos cement which can be recognised by its distinctive off-white or grey colouring. Sometimes it can also be used to fabricate shingles and tiles on older roofs which are also the same colour.

If the roof is also covered in moss this can make the roof potentially more dangerous as the moisture contained in the moss may eventually begin to break down the surface of asbestos-containing cement and begin to release dangerous fibres. If you notice moss, do not try to remove it using abrasive methods such as high-pressure washers as this could break down the surface of the cement.

Removing Asbestos Cement from Your Property

Our team are experienced when it comes to removing and disposing asbestos cement from properties. We always ensure all work is completed safely and efficiently to ensure there are no traces left behind and that all harmful materials are disposed of safely and responsibly.

Whilst working at your property we wear the corrective personal protective equipment at all times. This includes disposable full body suits with hoods, disposable boots and breathing equipment. Whilst conducting the removal we work as safely and efficiently as possible without rushing to ensure that we completely remove all traces without causing disruption to any other area of your property.

All asbestos that is removed is collected into bags which are sealed and clearly labelled. All the bags are then placed into a designated skip specifically for asbestos and after the work is completed all the protective clothing is also disposed of to ensure there are no traces of fibres left at your property. The price of the skip hire and safe disposal at your local tip is also included in the price for the service. If after removing an asbestos roof you also want your shed or garage demolishing we also provide a light demolition service in the South Yorkshire area.

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